The Tsawwassen Order of Old Bastards


By: Clay Otto, Editor. Volume 19, Issue 1. The TOOB Newsletter



A brief History compiled by your Editor who will welcome all criticisms, corrections, and suggestions. To my knowledge, this has not been done before and I feel our history should be documented.


Wally Hill was a regular at the Rose & Crown Pub in Tsawwassen, and this is where he conceived the idea of getting together a bunch of like‑minded men for the express purpose of ensuring that no one in the Tsawwassen‑Ladner‑Point Roberts area went without the groceries to put together a Christmas dinner. With Wally's determination for this project, it didn't take long to gather a group of enthusiastic guys that were willing to take on this worthwhile endeavor. Some time previous to this Wally had met a visitor from Australia who belonged to an organization called The International Order Of Old Bastards. Wally got a laugh out of that name and he didn't forget it. When it came time to put a name to our group, it was decided to go for the Old Bastard name, but to localize it by adding Tsawwassen to it. This was in the fall of 1984 and at that time it was also decided to consider "Old", anyone who was over 35, as that easily covered all of us and allowed for some young blood too.


We went to work immediately under Wally Hill's leadership and had a Garage Sale and then a Book Sale. Both of these projects were successful, which permitted us to purchase, package, and distribute 25 well‑packed Grocery Hampers that first Christmas. Where it was appropriate, toys were also included in our hampers. The following August we had our first Smokie & Sauerkraut sale at the Tsawwassen Sun Festival. We have been there every year since with a somewhat expanded menu but still featuring Smokies & Sauerkraut. During that first year we also donated $300 to the Tsawwassen Amateur Baseball Association. Our first annual General Meeting was held on November 1st, 1985 at the Town & Country Inn in Ladner. Wally Hill was elected Arch Bastard. Other elected officers were a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Director.


The Tsawwassen Order Of Old Bastards was incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia on the 26th day of June, 1985. The members that signed the Application for Incorporation were: Wally Hill, Norm Robins, Harry Hutchinson, Al Winship, and Hal Glover.


On March 13, 2000 our Order was registered by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for tax‑exempt status as a charity under the Income Tax Act.


Up until 2000 the Orders main thrust was Christmas Grocery Hampers which at that time were numbering between 100 and 13 0 a year, and were totally organized, packaged, and delivered, by our members. In 2001 we turned this aspect of our charity over to Deltassist. Our members now work with other service clubs in assisting Deltassist in the packaging and delivering of the hampers.


At that first Annual General Meeting, Arch Bastard Wally Hill stated that in addition to Christmas Hampers it was the aim of the Order to, "help people and families in distress, or other charitable causes." During the ensuing years we have done just that with donations of cash, and/or services to organizations such as: Delta Senior Alternative Program, Boundary Bay Health Unit, Ladner Elementary School Special Needs, Kinsmen Centre, Delta Hospital, Canadian Mental Health Association, Gateway Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Delta Child Development, Ladner and Tsawwassen Food Banks, St. David's Youth Centre, Boys and Girls Club of Ladner, B.C. Guide Dog Services, The B.C. Heart and Stroke Association, Royal Canadian Legion, Kids Help Foundation, Delta Youth Services‑Winskill, Delta Y2K Youth Festival, Delta Association For Child Development, Dry Grad‑South Delta Senior Secondary, Tsawwassen Junior Golf. For anonymous persons in need, we have supplied such items as Food Vouchers, a Bed, A Hearing Aid, and Air Fair for a needed trip.


Some of the Christmas Lights you see outside at the Delta Hospital and at the Kinsmen Centre every year, are supplied by our Order and installed by our members under the supervision of our electrician, Dave Crombie.


One cannot think back on those early days without having fond memories of Old Bastard Bob Steel who was our first Treasurer and an ex Army Sergeant. At the Rose & Crown, he would always sit facing the door so that he could see who was coming in. If someone entered that owed his dues, or was needed to "volunteer" for something, Bob would holler at him and command him to, "come here", at which point Bob would state his business. Bob was hard of hearing, and I will never forget one day we were sitting in the Pub and I asked Bob what time it was, and without missing a beat, he immediately replied, "Yeah, I'll have another one"!


Our founding Arch Bastard, Wally Hill passed away in September 1992, and is memorialized each year at our annual golf tournament which was subsequently named, "The Wally Hill Memorial Golf Tournament".


Our membership of about 70, meets annually in November and the Elected Executive, which consists of ten members, meets monthly. All members are entitled to, and are welcome to attend these monthly meetings.


Clay Otto, Editor

Volume 19 Issue 1

The TOOB Newsletter

March 2004